Report a Battle

Report for duty first, soldier!

The Axis powers have done the unthinkable and are poised to cross the English Channel and invade the shores of Britain. While the population readies itself to protect their homes, calls for aid go out to Britain’s allies…

So brew a good strong cuppa and prepare to tell Jerry to “Get off our land!”

Or alternatively pull on your jack-boots ready to give those Brits a good stomping!


The Invasion of Britain campaign will run as an online Bolt Action campaign 28th July through 28th August – your games will have a direct contribution to the tide of the battle.

Online registration for the campaign starts TODAY (12th July).


Battle it out over 12 regions with special modifiers for your games depending on who controls the neighbouring regions.

Earn medals and get promoted in rank as you play more battles!

Do I need a special army?

No. It will be awesome to field an appropriately themed early-war force – however if that’s not an option it really doesn’t matter!

All armies can contribute towards the campaign results so don’t worry if you have a late-war force, a Japanese or USMC army or any other faction – all Bolt Action games count.

Whatever your army, you have 2 weeks to get your force battle-ready!


Do I need the Sea Lion or Gigant books?

We guarantee you’ll have more fun if you do have these books, but no, they are not essential.

Is my local store involved?

Participating local gaming stores will be acting as Regional HQs – hubs for your gaming activity, where you can pass on intelligence about your battles to score extra points and take part in organised events!

Make sure to ask your local store if they have signed up!


Do I need to live in Britain?

Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome – come to the aid of a desperate nation or seize the chance to smash those uppity Brits!

1. Agree which player will be the invader

Every game must have an invader and a defender.

If your battle is Axis vs Allies then your roles are probably clear. However, if both armies are traditionally on the same side, or even from the same country, one of you will need to pick the less obvious role.You may like to come up with some sort of rationale for why such a battle is taking place: a terrible intelligence mix-up has led to a ‘blue-on-blue’ incident, or perhaps one side is in fact the enemy in disguise!

Soviet players should remember that early in the war, Stalin still had a non-aggression pact with Germany, so you could justify fighting on either side!


2. Invader picks region

The invader player should click on the various regions of the map and decide where the battle will take place.


3. Battle Modifiers

Click on the region to see the modifiers that apply for your game.

You’ll see that each region has different modifiers in play, depending who currently controls that region and the neighbouring regions.Trying to attack a region deep in enemy held territory is very tough as your opponent gets lots of bonuses!

You can also choose Rest of the World as the location of your battle – for players who really want to fight in the jungle or the desert!


4. Enter the result

After your game, the winner should head back here and record who won. You’ll need your opponent’s username. If you want you can also add a battle report and a photo.


Each region on the map is controlled either by the defenders (brown) or the invaders (red), or if the points are close it is ‘contested’ (changing brown/red).

Control of a region on the map provides bonuses to all armies fighting on the same side in that region and each neighbouring region (ie, touching edge to edge on the map). For example, control of the South East by the invaders would provide bonuses to all invading armies in the South West, London and East Anglia.

Contested regions do not generate bonuses for either side.


Points Bonuses

Firstly, control of a region provides a points bonus.

For example, if you agree to a 1,000 point battle, but the defender gets +10% points, then they would field a 1,100 point army.

These bonuses are cumulative, so if all the nearby regions are controlled by the other side, your opponent will have a much larger army than you!


Unit Bonuses

Secondly, regions allow you to take extra units of certain types.

These must be paid for with points as normal, but allow you more of that unit type than you are usually permitted. For example, control of Government HQ in London allows armies in nearby regions to take one more officer than normal.


Regions provide different bonuses as follows:

London – Government HQ: +1 Officer (any type)

East Midlands, Scotland – Munitions: +1 Artillery (includes Field Artillery, Anti-tank Guns & Anti-aircraft Guns)

East Anglia – Airfields: +1 Air Force Forward Observer

West Midlands, Yorkshire – Factories/Steel Mills: +1 Tank (includes Tanks, Tank Destroyers & Self-Propelled Artillery)

South West, South East, Wales, North West, North East, Northern Ireland – Dockyards: +1 Infantry team/squad (ie. a second MMG team)

Control of the Rest of the World provides a small bonus to every region in Britain.


  1. Only 1 player enters the results. After your battle is over, one player (not both) should enter the result on the campaign website. Usually the winner enters the result, but if the game was a draw then either player can do it.
  2. Get started by clicking Report a Battle in the top menu or in the Region where you fought your battle.
  3. Fill in the details of your game. You’ll need to find your opponent’s username for the campaign.
  4. You can optionally add an Action Report describing your battle, and upload a photo too. Note that you cannot come back and edit your reports later, so make sure you are happy before clicking the submit button.
  5. You and your opponent will receive an email to confirm the details.
  6. Once it has been approved by High Command your report will appear in the Recent Battles list for the region. Also, check your Service Record – you might have earned a new medal or been promoted!

Once during the course of the campaign you can earn some extra points and a medal by Passing on Intelligence to your nearest Regional HQ. Here’s what to do:

  1. Log in to the campaign website and go to your Service Record.
  2. As long as you’ve played at least one battle, there will be a link to your Intelligence Dossier. This is a listing of your recent battles, designed for you to PRINT OUT.
  3. Head down to your Regional HQ (participating local gaming store) – find out where.
  4. Hand in your printed Intelligence Dossier. The store will log on later and enter your details – you’ll get an email to confirm.
  5. While you’re there, ask if your Regional HQ is organising a Big Push (organized gaming event)!

Don’t forget that the store at Warlord HQ is a Regional HQ too! Feel free to drop by and join in the action!