Report a Battle

Report for duty first, soldier!

Each region on the map is controlled either by the defenders (brown) or the invaders (red), or if the points are close it is ‘contested’ (changing brown/red).

Control of a region on the map provides bonuses to all armies fighting on the same side in that region and each neighbouring region (ie, touching edge to edge on the map). For example, control of the South East by the invaders would provide bonuses to all invading armies in the South West, London and East Anglia.

Contested regions do not generate bonuses for either side.


Points Bonuses

Firstly, control of a region provides a points bonus.

For example, if you agree to a 1,000 point battle, but the defender gets +10% points, then they would field a 1,100 point army.

These bonuses are cumulative, so if all the nearby regions are controlled by the other side, your opponent will have a much larger army than you!


Unit Bonuses

Secondly, regions allow you to take extra units of certain types.

These must be paid for with points as normal, but allow you more of that unit type than you are usually permitted. For example, control of Government HQ in London allows armies in nearby regions to take one more officer than normal.


Regions provide different bonuses as follows:

London – Government HQ: +1 Officer (any type)

East Midlands, Scotland – Munitions: +1 Artillery (includes Field Artillery, Anti-tank Guns & Anti-aircraft Guns)

East Anglia – Airfields: +1 Air Force Forward Observer

West Midlands, Yorkshire – Factories/Steel Mills: +1 Tank (includes Tanks, Tank Destroyers & Self-Propelled Artillery)

South West, South East, Wales, North West, North East, Northern Ireland – Dockyards: +1 Infantry team/squad (ie. a second MMG team)

Control of the Rest of the World provides a small bonus to every region in Britain.