Report a Battle

Report for duty first, soldier!

1. Agree which player will be the invader

Every game must have an invader and a defender.

If your battle is Axis vs Allies then your roles are probably clear. However, if both armies are traditionally on the same side, or even from the same country, one of you will need to pick the less obvious role.You may like to come up with some sort of rationale for why such a battle is taking place: a terrible intelligence mix-up has led to a ‘blue-on-blue’ incident, or perhaps one side is in fact the enemy in disguise!

Soviet players should remember that early in the war, Stalin still had a non-aggression pact with Germany, so you could justify fighting on either side!


2. Invader picks region

The invader player should click on the various regions of the map and decide where the battle will take place.


3. Battle Modifiers

Click on the region to see the modifiers that apply for your game.

You’ll see that each region has different modifiers in play, depending who currently controls that region and the neighbouring regions.Trying to attack a region deep in enemy held territory is very tough as your opponent gets lots of bonuses!

You can also choose Rest of the World as the location of your battle – for players who really want to fight in the jungle or the desert!


4. Enter the result

After your game, the winner should head back here and record who won. You’ll need your opponent’s username. If you want you can also add a battle report and a photo.