Report a Battle

Report for duty first, soldier!

Once during the course of the campaign you can earn some extra points and a medal by Passing on Intelligence to your nearest Regional HQ. Here’s what to do:

  1. Log in to the campaign website and go to your Service Record.
  2. As long as you’ve played at least one battle, there will be a link to your Intelligence Dossier. This is a listing of your recent battles, designed for you to PRINT OUT.
  3. Head down to your Regional HQ (participating local gaming store) – find out where.
  4. Hand in your printed Intelligence Dossier. The store will log on later and enter your details – you’ll get an email to confirm.
  5. While you’re there, ask if your Regional HQ is organising a Big Push (organized gaming event)!

Don’t forget that the store at Warlord HQ is a Regional HQ too! Feel free to drop by and join in the action!