Report a Battle

Report for duty first, soldier!

The Axis powers have done the unthinkable and are poised to cross the English Channel and invade the shores of Britain. While the population readies itself to protect their homes, calls for aid go out to Britain’s allies…

So brew a good strong cuppa and prepare to tell Jerry to “Get off our land!”

Or alternatively pull on your jack-boots ready to give those Brits a good stomping!


The Invasion of Britain campaign will run as an online Bolt Action campaign 28th July through 28th August – your games will have a direct contribution to the tide of the battle.

Online registration for the campaign starts TODAY (12th July).


Battle it out over 12 regions with special modifiers for your games depending on who controls the neighbouring regions.

Earn medals and get promoted in rank as you play more battles!

Do I need a special army?

No. It will be awesome to field an appropriately themed early-war force – however if that’s not an option it really doesn’t matter!

All armies can contribute towards the campaign results so don’t worry if you have a late-war force, a Japanese or USMC army or any other faction – all Bolt Action games count.

Whatever your army, you have 2 weeks to get your force battle-ready!


Do I need the Sea Lion or Gigant books?

We guarantee you’ll have more fun if you do have these books, but no, they are not essential.

Is my local store involved?

Participating local gaming stores will be acting as Regional HQs – hubs for your gaming activity, where you can pass on intelligence about your battles to score extra points and take part in organised events!

Make sure to ask your local store if they have signed up!


Do I need to live in Britain?

Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome – come to the aid of a desperate nation or seize the chance to smash those uppity Brits!