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Private Mikecoop316, leading 128th Warrington Rifles

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Private Lord_snow, leading Army of the North


Defender Victory!

The Battle for New Brighton

The Germans land on Saturday morning, after a brief artillery baurrage the British defence force recoved quickly and retook its position ready to defend the beach. The Germans stormed the beach in one wave support by a light tank and transport vehicles the infantry poured out and took up a defensive position. They began to swap small arms fire and mortar and artillery strikes. The British mortar rounds began to take its told on the Germans right flank. The British right flank was put heavy fire from the start of the battle and the defenders were wipe out leave a gap for the Germans to gain a foot hold on the beach. Reinforcements for the British left flank raced across to plug the gaps and made in just in time to cut the Germans down with a flamethrower. After mopping up what was left in was a clear British win

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