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Sergeant Dudeabides, leading 9 Infanterie-Division

defended London against...


Sergeant Nicksoapdish, leading Akahori\'s Black Tiger Company


Invader Victory!

Invasion of Britain The Black Tigers conducted an infiltration operation into the London region to acquire vital intelligence packages left by the BUF.

With bayonets fixed and anti-tank grenades ready, the Veteran soldiers of Akahori’s Black Tiger Company advanced through the night into the city. They were quickly set upon by a security patrol that utilized pin point accurate mortar fire to protect their right flank and slowed the Black Tiger advance toward their objective. Multiple defender squads moved into the center of town attempting to hold back a Veteran Black Tiger squad. A fearsome Lieutenant, or Shōi as the Japanese call them, led the Black Tigers in a terrifying Banzai charge through the middle of the town square destroying all defenders in their path. Then, the defenders left flank collapsed under the incoming fire from another Veteran Black Tiger squad supported by a Chi-Ha that successfully pinned a defenders squad and their anti-tank guns.

At the end of the battle, the stalwart defenders were unable to prevent Akahori’s Black Tigers from securing multiple intelligence packages before they slid back into the night.

Did the enemy tip their hand and reveal the next region to suffer major attacks, or was this a feint to throw off the defenders?

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