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Field Marshal Not Registered, leading Unknown Force

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Sergeant Benrolls, leading Benjis Polskis


Invader Victory!

Invasion of Britain The Battle for Percy's Bottom. Pt2

German parachutists are reported as landing in the dead centre of the village of Percy's Bottom. Captain Russell ( Rusty) Ball-Baring has put the word out that any British or Allied Forces in the area should meet him outside the village to help defeat the invaders.

Armed with intelligence from the Polish Cavalry a unit of riflemen accompanied the recuperate Captain Ball-Baring and the mortar team to oust the German paratrooper.

After an initial setback when the grizzled sergeant was sniped by the Germans the advance on the Graveyard commenced.

On a more successful push, the regulars used covering fire to push the Hun out of the graveyard and win the day!

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