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Lieutenant Wizendturnip, leading Brexit Battalion

defended Scotland against...


Sergeant Douglasbroom, leading Winter fighters


Defender Victory!

Invasion of Britain 750 points

British vs Early Winter Soviets

As the Soviet horde invaded Scotland, the British vowed to destroy them. They put their tea down and picked up there rifles and charged. Then they realized they forgot their tea and turned back to grab it and then charged again.

Turn 1 was a hard fought battle but only minor losses insued. Turn 2 saw perfectly dialed in artillary barrage which scared 5 units including a Soviet tank. Turn 3 the dice were in the tea drinkers favor as they killed many soviets. All mortar and MMG team assets were eliminated. A Soviet squad was held down by so much gun fire that their morale was so low they would had to role a zero to pass it. Weak minded Winter Soviets. Turn 4 saw the Brits PIAT dessimated. As well as the The 6 pdr was taken down to only one brave soul. By this time the soviets had lost many units and were not able to recover eventually ending in their surrender. This was a good day for the Brits but the war is not over. Only this battle.

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