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Lieutenant Wizendturnip, leading Brexit Battalion

defended Yorkshire against...


Sergeant Douglasbroom, leading Winter fighters



1000 point British vs Winter Soviets

As the British stood watch over Yorkshire the Winter Fighters made their way to the region. The British struck first with a misguided artillary barrage. Though it did not kill it gave the Soviets quite a fright. The soviets came hard charging with their artillary reigning bombs down on the Brits MMG team. Shortly after the soviets rolled their tank on narrowly missing the British Cromwell. The tea drinkers responded by sipping their finnest brew and saying their last goodbyes as two brave men hopped out of a half track and shot their only rocket at the tank. With a lucky side armor shot the destroyed the soviets armor and died heros of Yorkshire.

Many men were lost but neither side gained from the senless blood shed. Both countries counted their losses and went separate was to regain strength and fight again another day.

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