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Report for duty first, soldier!


Captain Commissarjohn, leading 64th Army

defended London against...


Brigadier Hauptmannfontaine, leading Kampfgroupe 33


Invader Victory!

Invasion of Britain Game one of 3 round tournament. London modifiers.

The british force Advanced down the street, redponding to a report of enemy forces entering the city of london. In the lead was a Cromwell Tank, followed by a half track and Bren carrier. With a load thunder, the cromwell was split opened at long range by a german pak40. A swimwagon sped down a side road, and out jumped a pazerschreck team, quickly dispatching the halftrack, the transported troops fled to an adjacent building. They would latter surrender at the arrival of a panzer 4 and supporting infantry sections. The speedy Bren carrier was dispatched by the pak40 as it attemped to withdrawl. German victory.

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