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Sergeant, leading Skinner\'s Irregulars

defended East Anglia against...


Lieutenant Vhcjeske, leading Kampfgruppe Jesichie


Invader Victory!

Invasion of Britain In a bombed-out village in East Angelia, another hapless Luftwaffe recon crew was hold-up, hoping for a rescue to hand over some sensitive photographs. The local Home Guard came roaring in and their truck was shot to rags, including the HQ unit and regular troops it was carrying. Then, the German paratroops have their Luftwaffe forward observer call in a strike. Unfortunately, the Luftwaffe has taken such a beating over the last few months that their replacement pilots are practically kids. The Stuka came in and mistakenly shot up and wiped out the downed aircrew! Fortunately, the photograph cartridges were still sound. A daring squad ran into the smoldering building, searched for and found the bulky camera and its cassettes and ran out through a mortar barrage, losing almost half its number. The squad was escorted back to German lines - the priceless negatives in hand. Campaign Sea Lion: Luftwaffe Down - Fallschirmjaeger 575 pts. Vs Home Guard 600 pts. We decided to use a battlefield we had set up already from a previous fight to save time - hence, the destroyed town.

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