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Lieutenant Vhcjeske, leading Kampfgruppe Jesichie


Invader Victory!

In a theatre relatively distant from the Axis invasion there are scores that can be settled within the fog of the overall conflict. In Birmingham, the powerful Brummagem gang, headed by the notorious Billy Kimber have wrangled the "contract" to fill the quota for the local Home Guard.
The local Italian mob, the Sabinis, have been approached by the Abwher to help out where possible. The Sabinis have seized upon the opportunity to even the feud that has simmered between their two gangs since the 1920s.
Billy Kimber was visiting his mistress just north of Birmingham, in the village of Sutton Coldfield. A bus load of Sabinis drove through Kimber's cordon of bodyguards, delivering a decisive strike into the very bedchamber of the gangster's paramour!
Kimber escaped the initial assault, however, he was not able to make it to his vehicle and was left for dead - with the Sabinis escaping in a getaway auto with the keys to the main storehouse housing the Home Guards' armoury and ammunition. Surprise and speed won the day! (Campaign Sea Lion: Raiding His Majesty's Armoury - Axis Gangsters/Sabinis Mob 525 pts. Vs Allied Gangsters/Home Guard/Brummagems Gang 750).
We tweaked the scenario: Raiding His Majesty's Armoury - the Italian mob spent most of their points on a bus and a getaway car - the Birmingham gang only chose to take one vehicle - the difference, as mentioned before, was surprise and speed. We agreed on vehicles and wrote down our lists and set them out in public without looking at the details. This was a very fun scenario!

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