Report a Battle

Report for duty first, soldier!


Captain P1p210, leading Royal West Kents (Queens Own)

defended South East against...


Captain Balbe, leading Ze Germans


Defender Victory!

The Royal West Kents (RWK) had been ordered to come to aid of a couple of sections of the local Home Guard that had found themselves surrounded by German Forces, after being sent on an unauthorised mission by their pompous but courageous Captain!
At least the Home Guard had the sense of getting into cover prior to fighting breaking out.
By the time the Royal West Kents arrived the Home Guard Sections were pinned and taking losses.
The arrival of the Royal West Kents was marked by a well coordinated artillery barrage, that seemed to catch the Germans doing the lindy hop; who where not expecting the appearance of well armed regulars.
The German tank was no match for the Matilda tank, who despite taking some hits; none of the German's shells could penetrate the Matilda's thick armour.
The Germans seemed to sense a shift in the battle as a dreaded Stuka had an appearance; only to blow up a field. It looks like the Luftwaffe needs to spend some time practising! The German's mortar seemed to prove a headache with very lucky shots on a number of the sections.
The Home Guard affixed bayonets and charged the enemy with the battle cry "they don't like it up them!", this seemed break the remaining morale of the German forces.
The pompous Home Guard Capitan seemed to believe that the RWK arrival was all part of the plan, it is recommend that he receives Officer training. The Home Guard section's Sergeant is more than capable of running the section.

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