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Sergeant Cpl389, leading The Bloody First

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Invasion of Britain Mission: Rescue the downed Luftwaffe Air Crew from Operation Sea Lion Book

Heer German Vs. US Army

After taking aerial reconnaissance of London, a German spy plane was shot down and crash landed in the English countryside. The crew bailed out before the crash and acquired some local attire to help blend in with the populace. However, they were soon discovered and fled to a bombed out farm where they awaited rescue. An inexperienced US Army platoon was nearby and dispatched to recover the film used to photograph hidden troop positions. As they approached the abandoned farm, shots rang out. The German air crew was not going without a fight!


Turn One, the US used "snap to" to close with the downed air crew. However, clever Hans ran the Kubelwagen to be within three inches of the air crew so they could activate in the next turn. Also, the air crew pinned a US infantry squad with one pin marker. This would come back to haunt the US as this squad struggled to pass on order check until late in the game.

Turn Two: The Kubelwagen was taken out by the US bazooka team. However, the air crew ran towards the German table edge to pass off the film to a German infantry squad. The US mortar made the aircrew pay and wiped them out to a man. German and US infantry units continued to advance towards the middle of the board where the film was being protected by a Heer infantry squad.

Turn Three: The blood-bath ensues. Multiple charges and counter charges leave both sides decimated, but when the smoke clears, the US is down two infantry squads and the Germans still have the film.

Turn Four: The last US infantry squad still cannot pass an order test on one pin! However, the US mortar is doing some work and over the course of the game has put four pin markers on the German infantry squad that has the film, ensuring that they can't move.

Turn Five: By this time it is too late. The US forces are too few and too far away to capture the film. The film ends up in German hands, but still on the table for a Draw!

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