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Sergeant Tangledwoods, leading Wednesbury-on-Sea

defended Wales against...


Sergeant Nicktesla, leading Herr Kutz\' Invasion Force


Defender Victory!

Invasion of Britain Having seen smoke in the distance, the home defences closed in on a Luftwaffe reconnaissance crew holed up in a dilapidated farm house. Fighting intensified quickly as reinforcements arrived and assaulted the unprepared Home Guard, though not before they managed to dispatch the Luftwaffe crew.
With the Home Guard reduced to a number of small teams, all seemed lost. However the Nazi's earlier assault has severely weakened their forces and the tide of battle began to turn. Despite the best efforts of an enemy agent to decommission the Home Guard's Vickers, they fought back & with assistance from the Senior Officer and his escort they were able to halt the enemy's escape, ensuring the photos taken by the Luftwaffe remained out of enemy hands.

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