Report a Battle

Report for duty first, soldier!


Sergeant Monty, leading Royal Ulster Rifles

defended South East against...


Lieutenant Vondodenburg, leading Wotan


Invader Victory!

Monty's Red Devils pressed hard on the flanks of the Germans, trying to dislodge them from their foothold in Britain.
The battle started well for the British with an easy kill of the German sniper team followed by a strong armored push on one flank.
The turning point was the audacious attack by the German flame-thrower team led by corporal Schneider, since promoted to Senior Sergeant and now holder of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. This unit accounted for more British casualties than the rest of the German force.
To regain the initiative Monty sent a squad led by the platoon leader to the opposite flank that was defended by an entrenched German squad. It was on this flank that the dice gods showed their capricious nature as neither side could break their opponents.
The last turn ended with the Germans winning by points. The beach-head remains in German hands!!!

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